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PowerPSoC Hardware and Firmware Design Guides | Cypress Semiconductor

PowerPSoC Hardware and Firmware Design Guides

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We have release two new design guides on PowerPSoC hardware and firmware. These respective guides provide all the information you need to know about the FW and HW in one document each.

PowerPSoC Hardware Design Guidelines

This document addresses the follow four key issues in any power conversion system design: thermal, layout, transient handling, and ESD. By gaining familiarity with these issues and employing suggested techniques and guidelines in these chapters, the designers will certainly improve the integrity of their designs and likelihood of first pass success.

PowerPSoC Firmware Design Guidelines

This design guide describes a step by step process to build an HB LED driver using PowerPSoC. It is followed by sections on lighting control interfaces that describes the implementation of DMX512 and DALI protocols in PowerPSoC. 

Hope you enjoy reading these documents.

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