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New videos on general purpose I/O basics | Cypress Semiconductor

New videos on general purpose I/O basics

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 Hello everyone,


Here are some new videos on getting started with the PSoC 1 GPIO (general purpose input/output). The videos provide a look into the basic architecture and provide pointers on how the GPIO properties can be configured and used.



There are two parts to this video:


Part1 - Talks about the architecture and drive modes in PSoC 1


Part2 - Talks about the shadow registers and GPIO-Interrupts in PSoC 1



The application note AN2094 - PSoC® 1 - Getting Started with GPIO provides a detailed explanation of this topic. The videos can be found on the AN's landing page here.



Let us know if you found the video to be useful.




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It  is   useful  for  a  freshman!



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