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Max. Slew rate of 3 op-amp INSAMP | Cypress Semiconductor

Max. Slew rate of 3 op-amp INSAMP

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Hello Forum,


What is the max. operating freq. of 3 op-amp instrumentation amplifier user module in PSoC 1 ? Does the use of an SC block (for conversion gain, as they call it) reduce speed of the incoming pulse ?


Any working code which has only the 3 op-amp instrumentation amplifier with settings that would enable it to operate at very high slew rate would be very helpful. 



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The large signal response, slew rate, in the datasheet for the module, given

for 3.3 V and 5 V operation.


There is no small signal info in datasheet, 2 possibilities -


1) The CT blocks show in device datasheet a response with GBW specs. You could

back into this making broad assumption its a single pole response.


2) The module datasheet has settling time specs, if we assume dominant pole response

you could solve for GBW from settling time spec.


Regards, Dana.

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