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Managing Sensor without using SCD / with my own application | Cypress Semiconductor

Managing Sensor without using SCD / with my own application

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I would like to bind, receive the sensor data in real-time and unbind - all from my own application which is driven by a web application. Sensor Control Dashboard does not seem to provide enough flexibility to do these operations. How can I go about it? Is there an SDK or API that exposes core SCD functions?



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Hello Yani,

SCD is nothing but an application designed in .net communicating over USB to the USB controller sitting inside the HUB. This USB controller is then communicating with the controller responsible for data communication over I2C lines.

You can design your own application which will be driven by your web based application. SCD is software which shows the real time data transfer and if you want to do anything new apart from the scope of SCD then it is always advisable to implement your own application.

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During our initial Tests, the HUB crashes often once we have more than four sensors sending data to the HUB at rates of every quarter of a second!

According to the Spec. the HUB can support up more than 100 sensor inputs

Have you experienced this problem?

Many thanks,


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I have tested till 10 nodes , i never experience any problem. Can you please let me know what do you mean by HUB crash??



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