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Interfacing Cypress CYRF6936 to microcontrollers. | Cypress Semiconductor

Interfacing Cypress CYRF6936 to microcontrollers.

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when i first started experimenting with the CYRF6936 i found there was no documentation available aimed at a hobbiest trying to interface a CYRF6936 to a generic microcontroller.

all the application notes i found only had assembly code for Cypress microcontrollers.

what i needed was a simple initialisation list showing a sample working config.

i have tried to compile such a list here:

hope it helps someone get started.


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It is easy to interface CYRF6936 and other micro controller. You just need to check the register reference of this manual and also read the purpose of these registers and set them accordingly when you are using with other micro controllers.

The TRM for this device is :

Hope this document serves your purpose.



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