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hello me about cy-3280 20x66 and cy-3280 SLM | Cypress Semiconductor

hello me about cy-3280 20x66 and cy-3280 SLM

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Im a fourth year university student.

Im woking on my final project with some of your product then I got stuck with lots of problem

the components that Im using are cy3280-20x66( universial capsense contoller kit and Cy3280-SLM linear slider module kit.

here is my project overview.

it is about producing white LED with RGB mixing.

three LED (Red, Green and Blue), I want to control of each LEDs intensity with the Cy3280-SLM.

as u know there are 5 buttons and 1 slide. I want to set one button for Red, one for Green and one for Green. moreover

once each button has each different color I want to control the intensity with the linear slider.

So some questions are:

1. Is it technically possible with these kits (Cy-3280-SLM and Cy3280 20x66)

2. if it is possible what kind of sofeware program is needed to program?

3. something more component I need to purchase from your company?

4. anything I should know more?

I will be waiting your answer.

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