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Exciting news !!! Learn from experts - PSoC Insiders | Cypress Semiconductor

Exciting news !!! Learn from experts - PSoC Insiders

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As the title says, it is exciting news for all. The PSoC Applications engineers(PSoC gurus ) have gotten together to reach to everyone(PSoC noobs, newbs, intermedaite and experts). They are doing it via their blog. They have got some cool videos out there, check them out here, PSoC Insiders Blog. Follow, share and enjoy !!


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Ganesh flatters us too much, as he is clearly the original PSoC Guru. We are happy to be able to help customers better understand PSoC 1, 3, and 5. If you have any questions or ideas for new blog posts, please let us know!

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Max, It would definitely not be flattery to call you guys PSoC Gurus, as each of you have great talent and experience in working with PSoC


Welcome to the world of blogging!!


Best Regards,


The PSoC Hacker

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