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Hello. I implemented the example showed in the understanding switched capacitor Anlaog Blocks paper:

The common mode stage works properly but nor the Difference Amplifier.
It's simply a Switched Capacitor Block and I have configure its settings as is
indicated in page 7 but it stills working wrong.
I took away the PGA and the common Block and I programmed only the Diff Block but It stills don't working.
Could someone tell me what's going on?

I would try to attach my example.
By the way, do I can to change the proyect part once I have finished the proyect?

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I guess you can not change part once you have build your project.

As far as I understasnd all the configuration file is generated is off your part and if you change the part you may not have same hardware. You can though copy most of your project file with little twiking in new project.

If you have different observation, please do let me know.




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