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Dedicated Multiplier Hardware (MAC) in PSoC 1 | Cypress Semiconductor

Dedicated Multiplier Hardware (MAC) in PSoC 1

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Performing multiplication can be tedious without dedicated hardware. Any dedicated hardware multiplier has finite resolution and applications may arise where more resolution is required. The application note below from dave van ess describes the techniques that enable the PSoC 1 MCU to quickly multiply multiple-byte-operands and give a full resolution output.

AN2032 - PSoC® 1 Fast Unsigned Multiplication Algorithms

The Application note discusses different ways to perform complex multiplications and benchmarks CPU cycles and memory used in each case. This will be definitely useful for your applications where multiplication is involved.

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In addition, PSoC Designer also includes an 'Arith.h' file for predefined mul and div operations. Since not all PSoC 1s have a MAC (refer TRM of the specific PSoC 1 device), this library comes with APIs for both MAC and No MAC PSoC's. Refer Library User Guide available here or browse under 'Help -> Documentation -> Designer Specific Documentation -> Libraries User Guide.pdf' in PSoC Designer for details. To use the functions in your code, just include "Arith.h" file and call the function as defined in the guide.




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