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 Can I create an higher resolution  DAC, by example DAC12 joining two DAC6 user modules?

I supose the limitation would come impossed by the device noise ENOA=100nV/rt-Hz.

Thats true?

How much this ENOA limitation constrains my DAC?

Thanks a lot.

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Each switched capacitor block can be a 6 bit dac, that's 5 bits + sign.

Logically you expect to make an 11 bit DAC, 10bits + sign.

Unfortunately, we can't guarantee that the DACs are monotonic in all placements, so that why we limited the DAC to 9 bits. Customers have done 11 bit DACs and they work in specific block placements (most of them). You can edit the DAC9.asm file to get what you need, but no guarantees as to performance.

---- Dennis Seguine

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