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CyFi development platforms

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I am wondering, can I connect a CyFi module to a CY8CKIT PSOC Development Kit?

I know about the FirstTouch development kit, but I happen to have a CY8CKIT on order and thought maybe the CyFi plug in boards would be compatible. Don't see anything in the user guide about CyFi though.

A second, somewhat related question: in the glossy PSOC brochure it shows CyFi as though it is a configurable PSoC block just like SPI, USB etc. But I don't think that it's available built into a PSoC yet. Can anyone confirm PSOCs don't yet include an RF block?


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Developing CyFi firmware would be very lengthy process, instead you should be able to plug in CYRF6936 modules(artaflex) and configure some of the register in the radio and make it work



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yes, connectting a CYFI module to a CY8CKIT PSoC Development Kit is feasible. but you need develop your firmware for CYFI.
For the second question, you can refer to, there are some example projects about CYFI module.

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