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Is CyFi compatible with the CYRF6936? | Cypress Semiconductor

Is CyFi compatible with the CYRF6936?

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Is CyFi compatible with the CYRF6936?

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Hi sbain,

Using the CyFi solution is only compatible with the CYRF7936, and requires the use of a PSoC device as well as the CyFi Star Network Protocol user module provided in PSoC Designer.

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What's the difference between the two devices? I have some existing devices with CYRF6936's already integrated, and I'd really like to avoid duplicating all the work that went into CyFi.

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These two devices are used for different pupose. For SNP(Start network protocol) , HUB-Node configuration applications use CYRF7936 and for HID applications like wireless mouse , Keyboard....Use CYRF6936.

CYFI devices are compatible with only CYFI devices.



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Exactly you are right. You will be able to include more nodes in a system of CyFi for example if you have network of 10 nodes and a HUB and now you want to include one more node. You will be able to add this node in your design without changing the network. Just designing your node.



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