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CSDADC causes I2C to fail | Cypress Semiconductor

CSDADC causes I2C to fail

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I have a CY8C24894 PSoC configured with CSDADC and I2CHW slave modules. The aim is to get the touch positions to an external processor via I2C.

For debug purposes I have commented out all the capsense code. When doing I2C echoes to the master processor without starting the CSDADC, I get a 100% success rate. But when the CSDADC module is started the I2C fails completely. Viewing the I2C lines on a scope shows that when it fails the PSoC does not even give an ACK to the master's address byte. The only difference between the working and non-working projects is the calling of function CSD_Start().

The selection option for CSDADC is "CSDADC with PWM8 clock source". I have attached the project.

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