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Programming CY27410

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I am using CY3679 Evaluation Kit to program the CY27410 chip. I am using the Clock Wizard 2.0 for programming the device. The issue I am facing is that the clock output power is shifting with the frequency (Please see the last slide of the attached ppt file). I am obtaining multiple frequencies from a single output pin.I would love to be able to change the frequency using the switches on the evaluation board, and have a constant output power. Most likely there is trick on the configuration setting of the software which I am not familiar with, so I would appreciate if I can receive help with this. Thank you in advance for your time and assistance.


Muse Artan

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Hi Muse Artan,

could you send across your project (.CPJ) file so that i can share the configuration



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Where can I find details of the CY27410 registers?



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