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how to program cy22801 | Cypress Semiconductor

how to program cy22801

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We bought some cy22801 chips from our chip provider.
But the function is not the same as what we want.
We want the chip to behave as I2C slave, then each power-up, our I2C master can re-write its internal registers. But from out test, pin #5 is clkB output.
From the datasheet, we should generate JEDEC file through CyClocksRT, and then download it using CY36800 programmer.   Then cy22801 would be changed to be I2C mode. Is it correct?

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As I understood the datasheet this are the exact steps to setup your device.

When you feel a bit unsure about, do not hesitate to create a support case: On top of this page Design support -> Create a Support Case



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