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CY22800 and CY22801

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Hello everybody,

maybe I'm only blind, but I can not figure out how to enable the VCXO,OE and PD features on the CY22801 in CyClocksRT...

I'd like to use either the CY22800 or CY22801 chip to generate a 55,5MHz clock from a 10MHz crystal + VCXO.

10MHz -> 55,5MHz on the CY22800 is not possible with InstaClock, as I can only use the predefined configurations.
Or is there a similar feature to select multiplicator/divider settings as is in CyClicksRT for the CY22801?

On the other hand, I can specify 10MHz -> 55,5MHz on the CY22801 with CyClocks, but I can not see how to enable the VCXO.

Best regards

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