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CY22150 Jedec File Analysis! | Cypress Semiconductor

CY22150 Jedec File Analysis!

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If you look at the jedec file for CY22150, although the format may not be obvious, it's also not complicated. Starting with the first block:


In the first line, 64 is the (decimal) bit address of the first bit. Divide this value by 8 to get the byte address. So this string of bits begins at register address 8. Divide the bits into groups of 8, representing byte values. The bits in each byte are ordered MSB to LSB (left to right), so they are shifted into the I2C port in exactly the order shown. White space (spaces and carriage returns) are ignored. The above data is shown below as a series of bytes.

08H 01011010
09H 00000001
0AH 00000000
0BH 00000000
0CH 10000100
0DH 00000110
0EH 00001000
0FH 10001000
10H 10000000
11H 11101100
12H 00110000
13H 00000000
14H 00000000
15H 00000000

There is a gap of unused addresses, then the next block of data starts at L00512.

512 / 8 = 64 (decimal) = 40H

Similar breakdown applies for further addresses. So the bits in groups of 8 following "L00512" in the JEDEC file start at 40h and go to FFh. After L00512 shift in 40h to 47h. Settings after that do not matter.

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