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PRoC BLE UART interrupt parser example? | Cypress Semiconductor

PRoC BLE UART interrupt parser example?

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I'm using PRoC BLE module on CY8CKIT-042-BLE Pioneer Kit.

I have all day searched for decent UART Interrupt example but without success. All I found were cases where UART was used for debugging purposes, or USB-UART bridges... I want to utilize UART component as a communication path to my microcontroller.

Basically, I need UART parser on input data which will raise an interrupt. I found similar example but with UART component v2.50. In my case I can only use UART SCB component (v3.50), but it's different, command are different and investigating so much time in basic UART is now something I haven't time.

Is there a similar project out there that could serve as a good starting point?


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There is a Uart program here

It allows flow control but this is not usable with the cypress  Kit prog USB connection.

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