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PROC 222014 BLE maximum number of SLAVE connections | Cypress Semiconductor

PROC 222014 BLE maximum number of SLAVE connections

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Dear All,

Based on following example, I noticed CYBLE-222014 disconnects to current slave when connection to new slave is made.



  1. why CYBLE-222014  can not make 8 slave connections once and just exchange data in round-robin manner without disconnecting slaves? I find out other BLE devices from various vendors supports such thing.
  2. Would you please uuggest other Cypress BLE alternate that supports such method?




Anjana Muralidharan's picture
Cypress Employee
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Hello Mayank,

Currently Cypress BLE devices won't support multiple connections at a time. So one another way to transfer data is to do connection in a Time division multiplexing way as the project which you pointed.

We have upcoming products which supports multiple connections.


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