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Problems with custom characteristic notification | Cypress Semiconductor

Problems with custom characteristic notification

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Hey folks,

I am working on a project where I am using a custom Service which includes 4 custom characteristics.

Everything works fine but I can't get the code to notify the CySmart Programm (on windows).

I wanted it to actualize itself every second, which I am using a timer interrupt for.


So I though I could simply update the Gatt Database calling


and calling

CyBle_GattsNotification(my_connection_handle, (CYBLE_GATTS_HANDLE_VALUE_NTF_T*) &handle_val_pair_adc);

(Notification is enabled in Properties and a Client Characteristic Configuration is existing)

But its not updating itself. Do I have to change something in CySmart?


Thank you guys again for your help! :)

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I am assuming following has already been done:

1) my_connection_handle = cyBle_connHandle

2) You are enabling notification from CySmart Windows by writting a 0x0001 (or in gui, 01:00) to the CCCD of the corresponding characteristic to which you want the notification.

3) the handle_val_pair_adc.attrHandle is equal to the attribute handle on the Characteristic you want to write to. This value can be foung in ble_custom.h


Associated application note for handling custom services/characterisitc is here, in case you want to refer:


- Rohit


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Awesome!!! :)


my_connection_handle = cyBle_connHandle was the crux!

Thank you so much!

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