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please help me about WDT with RTC | Cypress Semiconductor

please help me about WDT with RTC

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At first, I want to use WDT timer that has more than 2 hours, and want to use WDT with rtc.

but documentation that i reffered explains only WCO. so I tried to revise WDT0 by handling some option in .cwrk

in conclusion, I want to use WDT and RTC separately and WDT must have more than 2 hours. RTC will be only use start time and deadline

time. and every more than 2hours. my program will be wake up by WDT in deep sleep mode. how can i control timer??

please help me.. U_U;;

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RTC is a pure software solution and has to be triggered every second. Hence staying in deep sleep (no CPU available) for a longer time will not work. Recovering from deep sleep, serving the RTC and going to deep sleep again will be the solution.

Oh, of course you may stay in deep sleep fot two hours and increment the RTC for 7200 seconds.



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