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How to extend BLE Range? | Cypress Semiconductor

How to extend BLE Range?

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Hey Folks,

I am working on a Quadrocopter Project where I currently just get a Range of about 10-15 meters using a normal proc module and the usb dongle. I also tried it with the CySmart App getting the same result.

What I did so far to extend the range was setting the Tx Power Level to +3dbm (maximum) but this is unfortunately not enough.
Does anybody has experience with the new CY5674 PRoC BLE SMA Module? Could a better Antenna extend my range to 30-40 meters direct air connection?

Thank you guys so much for your help :)

Your Bratwurst

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Tx power, Rx sensitivity, Antenna, Noise all affect range.


Antenna design, to get gain also implies reduced radiation pattern, eg.

antenna takes on directional characteristics/ Yagi's a good example of that.



This might be of use -     AN91445 - Antenna Design Guide


Regards, Dana.

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