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How do I configure two profiles by using PSOC Creator? | Cypress Semiconductor

How do I configure two profiles by using PSOC Creator?

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In my application, it needs two profiles (one is HID and the other is customer profile),

On startup, the firmware will detect the switch for choosing one of two profiles,

that means only one profile will be advertised to GAP central device.

I don't know how to implement two profiles on the PSoC Creator,

Please help me, thanks!

Aaron Deng

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Welcome to the Forum!!

If you are looking for adding two profiles using BLE component, this feature is not available yet.

But considering that you want to enable a set of services/characteristic at button press and another set at no button press, why don't you define all the services and characteristics under a single profile and use APIs (CyBle_GattsEnableAttribute/CyBle_GattsDisableAttribute) to disable/enable some of them at command?


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Hi Roit,

Thanks for your reply,

In my application,

(1) In HID mode, it have to be recognized as a standard point device (such as mouse) in Windows & Android OS.

(2) In OTHER mode, because of the customized profile, the OS needs to install our App to make a connection with our device.

My concern:

If our device use a single HID profile, when it switches to the OTHER mode and use the API to disable the HID service and enable the customer service,

Can our App successfully make a connection to the device under the non-standard HID profile? 


Aaron Deng

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Is it possible to add other characteristics to HID profile and in one time be as HID central client and in another time use the second characteristics as peripethial server? How to switch between those modes (central client and peripethial server)? I need to use the profiles to 1) connect keyboard and 2) to send data to client device (computer, smartphone).

Thanks for advice, Pawel

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