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how to code for custom ble profile as client | Cypress Semiconductor

how to code for custom ble profile as client

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I have two cyble022001-00 module.with reference to how to create custom ble profile (rgb led) i created one custom profile with one cherecterestic having only one data as a value and try to write that data from cysmart on mobile and its successfully. now i want to program other device as client so i got reference from heart rate collector project and reached up to level device is connected now i want to read cherestricts value and want to change for that i don't know how to register function like "void HeartRateCallBack(uint32 event, void* eventParam)" is there any document for "how to create custom ble profile as a client"????

i try this " apiResult=CyBle_GattcDiscoverAllCharacteristics(cyBle_connHandle,handelrange);" but got invalid parameter error.


here i attach project 

design01 is as server peripheral. 

design03 is as client central.

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For implmenting custom BLE Client, you can refer to our BLE UART Bridge Example. It has two projects one for a custom client and another for a custom server.

The project and related documentation is available in the above link.


- Madhu Sudhan

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Thanks for reply,

I take refrence from your link and solve client issue .now i want to apply phenomena like my tag advertise periodically for defined time.for that i try to implement watchdog as a periodic timer but specified delay is not generated.i don't know why watchdog is not working and which mistake i am doing...can any one help???.here i attach my project.


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Do you know of an updated version of this project?  I downloaded the zip but, the Bluetooth component is an older version that is not supported in the newer version.  The newer version is version 2.0.

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Have you tried right clicking on the project and selecting "Update Components" in the psoc explorer menu? Usually that lets you update the components to the newest version without any issue.

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