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Example code for connecting 8 or more CYBLE-222014 devices. | Cypress Semiconductor

Example code for connecting 8 or more CYBLE-222014 devices.

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Hello Guys,

1) I am not able to find any example code that creates network of at least 8 CYBLE-222014 devices. I found following example designed for different BLE chips and not able to make itt working with CYBLE-222014.

2) My other question is whether or not it is possible to create star network ( 1 Central and 8 peripheral ) connectivity of 8 BLE devices.




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Those projects use the Prism, Glitch filer components  which are not supported by the CYBLE-0222014-00 module. Also, p2.5 and p2.7 pins used in the project are not present in CYBLE-0222014-00  module. So the project did not work.

So, you need to remove this components and modify the firmware accordingly. Other than this, the same algorithm can be used for CYBLE-0222014-00 for creating a mesh. you can create a Star network as well. However, our device support only one connection at a time , so the connection and disconnection must happen in a time multiplexed way.


-Madhu Sudhan

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