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Encoding of RSSI value | Cypress Semiconductor

Encoding of RSSI value

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From my CY5677 with CySmart firmware i got reported rssi values as one byte.

I receive values from 0 to 255. How to interpret this? In the firmware code (BLE_StackGap.h) it says:

/** Rssi of the responding device.
* Range: -85 <= N <= 0
* Units: dBm */
int8 rssi;

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Cypress Employee
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The RSSI Values have some issues in the current stack and need to be fixed.

We will launch our new stack soon.


- Madhu Sudhan

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Please send more information on stack version number and how I could fix it by myself: Link to sourcecode/compile/programm instructions.... Thanks.

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Just testing my own understanding, but is this RSSI value not usually 2's complement which you receive as a HEX value (0 to 255). You subtract 256 from this value to get the negative dBm result.

What is the update on the new firmware stack.

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