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Device's MAC Address

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Hi there,

I need to include in my advertisement packet my PRoC device Mac Address so I can identify different devices with it.

I have found this: , but didn't helped me much. I don't understand how should I use these "CYBLE_SFLASH_DIE_..." to get the Mac Address... Actually I didn't get what these macros mean.

Can someone help me?


Thanks in advance :)

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I hope your application need a unique device address for each BLE device and you want to add that address in the adv packet.

If then, you can follow the below method:

-> In the BLE component, GAP settings tab -> General -> Device address -> Please make sure 'silicon generated' box is checked. This will make a unique address for each device which can have a maximum combination of 2^24 device address. This generation of address is automatically taken care inside the stack. (Refer the KBA

Please let us know whether this will help.


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That's exactly what I need, I'll do this.

Thank you, Anjana!

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