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Deepsleep and flash writes | Cypress Semiconductor

Deepsleep and flash writes

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I am building a project in which I go into deepsleep, wakeup upon a slow advertisement of 4000ms, take an adc sample and save an average to flash every 15 samples. 

My issue is that following writing to flash the BLE module isnt waking up from deepsleep after 4 seconds anymore.

I understand that writing to flash affects the clocks and so I have called CyBLE_Stop() and CyBle_Start(StackEventHandler) before and after writing to flash.

I'm also concerned that the clocks are not being reinitialized following the flash write which could cause issues waking up on a BLE stack event.

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We need to review your firmware for further analysis.

Please create a Tech Support case with us.


- Madhu Sudhan

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