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Cypress Configured CyBle_GetTxPowerLevel() Errors? | Cypress Semiconductor

Cypress Configured CyBle_GetTxPowerLevel() Errors?

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For those using the CyBle_GetTxPowerLevel() function:

When the BLE TX power levels are set by PSoC Creator 3.2 Configure BLE in the GAP Settings tab, the Cypress BLE API function CyBle_GetTxPowerLevel() is apparently giving incorrect results for Advertise/Scan TX power level 3 (enumeration 8). The only time the Advertise/Scan TX power level 3 will result in an enumeration of 8 by CyBle_GetTxPowerLevel() is when the Connection TX power level is also set to 3 (enumeration 8).

A Cypress Support Case has been created and the response will be given here when available.



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Hi TIm


THis issue is fixed in PSOC creator 3.3 Cp1.


please try with latest creator version.


We can set the maximum TX power(3dBm) when both advertising and connection tx power levels are max.


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