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CYBLE-022001-00 Question (Current) | Cypress Semiconductor

CYBLE-022001-00 Question (Current)

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I am using this chip evaluation module for testing and had a question on its GPIO current specs. It says 25mA max GPIO current and I wanted to know what this meant. Silly question but I am a bit confused because I intended on using P4.1 as a (HIGH) to light an LED and a mini haptic motor. Does this mean I am limited to 25mA? 

I thought since the pin Vout is = VDD I can just use a resistor and create my current, but does that spec specifically mean that 25mA is max before it breaks? 


Thanks in advance for the response! I am new to all this!

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As you can see from this chart the maximum current from the whole chip is 200 ma.  The max current is 25 ma per GPIO pin.

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