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CY5670 USB Dongle and Linux | Cypress Semiconductor

CY5670 USB Dongle and Linux

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I have made a custom application to CY5670 USB Dongle. Application is a BLE client that also has serial communication link to PC through it's USB interface. All is working OK on my Windows machine. I can read messages and send commands using Teraterm.

It would be important to get similar functionality on my Linux machine as well. When I plug the CY5670 USB Dongle on Linux, there will be no new device nodes on /dev/tty* list (no /dev/ttyACM* that I was expecting to have)

When I give lsusb command it gives following responce:
Bus 008 Device 003: ID 04b4:f139 Cypress Semiconductor Corp. 

Could someone advice to make USB/UART bridge functionality to work on Linux?


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I don't think its supported, Cypress has no Linux drivers :( You would need to rogram the PSoC on the dongle with another firmware that behaves as CDC device.

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