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BLE_OTA_FixedStack_Bootloader/Bootloadable problem | Cypress Semiconductor

BLE_OTA_FixedStack_Bootloader/Bootloadable problem

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Hello all

I have a problem with the example code BLE_OTA_FixedStack_Bootloader/Bootloadable.

I program on the CY8CKIT-042-BLE with a CYBLE-022001-Eval plug 

I just modified P2.7 to P3.5 and P2.6 to P3.4 to connect the switch and the Led.


So I follows the PDF and the bootloader and the bootable software is working on the device ( I have tried with the bootloader on the device only too) , when I click on the SW2 the device go on bootloader mode but I can't program with Bootloader Host with the Cypress BLE Dongle. In the log file we can read :

12:02:49 PM - program Started

12:02:59 PM - No bootloader communication service found.

12:02:59 PM - Communication port reported error 'Unable to open communication port'.

12:02:59 PM - program failed in 10245 ms.

And in the debug console

CyBle_L2capLeConnectionParamUpdateRequest API: 0x00
CYBLE_EVT_AUTH_REQ: security=1, bonding=0, ekeySize=10, err=0
----> Nothing happens

I don't understand why and I have tried many configuration  but it is still not working

If you have an Idea or if someone can help me it would be very nice


Thank you

(Sorry for my approximately English)

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Problem solved :

Using the CySmart Software and not the Bootloader Host

Thanks to Bobgoar for this solution

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