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BLE_HID_Keyboard Example Connecting but no keypresses | Cypress Semiconductor

BLE_HID_Keyboard Example Connecting but no keypresses

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Help!  I'm not getting keypresses after reconnect.

Running the BLE_HID_Keyboard example works well once connected.  Turning off Bluetooth on the host and turning it back on also reconnects and sends keys just fine.

But if I unplug power from the device, or I let it go into hibernate mode after Advertisement times out, and I then turn on Bluetooth on my host (both Windows and iPhone behave the same) it appears to connect (the FW says its connected and the host says connected), but no keypresses/data is sent.  The only way to get it talking again is to remove device and add it back.

Is there some volatile information that needs to be saved for use upon reconnection? It should reconnect AND send keys.

Thanks in advance!

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We will test this internally and update you in a couple of days.


-Madhu Sudhan

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Hi fw2013, can you give me link so i can use that project too? I couldn't find the HID_Keyboard project.

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