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BLE reception problem

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I am developing an application on PROC4 BLE. I am using BLE component with no authentication and no encryption. Initial starting, scanning functions are working well. After discovering a GAP device I receive peer BLE device address from an event parameter of event CYBLE_EVT_GAPC_SCAN_PROGRESS_RESULT.

Now for connection purpose, Cyblegapcconnect() function requires a data structure pointer of type CYBLE_GAP_BD_ADDR_T. This structure has bdaddr[CYBLE_GAP_BD_ADDR_SIZE] which is an array of the address of the device to be connected.

I used "memcpy"  function for converting received address into array  bdaddr.

GAP device is successfully discovered. Address is also received and passed to the connect function mentioned above. But  Cyblegapcconnect() is not working and not returning any apireult. It is also NOT generating the event CYBLE_EVT_GAP_DEVICE_CONNECTED.

What may be the faults or errors?


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I think there might be a small mistakes in Data types and pointers. These simple things can often get tricky at times.

Make sure you do not get any warnings. Also, please create a tech Support case with the code snippet.


-Madhu Sudhan

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