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BLE profile and EEPROM functionality | Cypress Semiconductor

BLE profile and EEPROM functionality

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Hello All,

In PRoC im trying to use HID over GATT. Where should I store my data which is 32 byte in length? In Report characteristic? or should i create another characteristic in same HID service? This is a simple keypad design (not keyboard).

Also, can i use internal flash as EEPROM to store BLE host address to which i already have established connection, so that next time without any user input, if the same host available it does all connection automatically?




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1) Is that a custom data (not a HID one)? If so, you can create a new characteristic and store the data in the GATT DB?

2) You can perform bonding operation in which the host device and its security details are stored in flash. Refer Bonding in BLE Datasheet.


-Madhu Sudhan

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Thanks Madhu Sudhan.

Its actually a simple 3x3 keypad matrix and all the 9 keys status (pressed/not pressed) stored in 2 bytes data. Its a keypad key press status, not exactly custom. So, I used the Report characteristic to store 2 bytes and did not create another characteristic. Is (dafault) report characteristic used for something else or I can use it as is?

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