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About RTC with WDT

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Hello, I want to know how to operate RTC With WDT.


At first I use PRoc BLE with the example those name is RTC_P4_WDT example.


I found some weird thing that is about RTC.


To make exact alarm, I executed that example by modifying  Alarm Time.


first thing was modifying alarm Date ( from 04:01:30 to 02:59:59, Start time - 02:59:50).


result was malfunction routine. Alarm was not working.


compared to past experiment, second thing was modifying alarm date (from 04:01:30 to 04:01:01)


result was correctly working.


so I want to know why this result is happening.

(PS,) the result of experiment is that Between Alarm time and Time, the gap have to has more than one minutes.

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The Alarm can be set only in minutes level, not seconds. 

If you want it to be in seconds, then you can use the timer components to generate timer interrupts.


- Madhu Sudhan

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thank you for your reply. thanks for detailed datasheet, i could test more easily.

I wish your datasheet will be updated such as this things

- Sean

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and I want to know the sequence of the RTC. As you know, the time which is at 2:59:59 changes 04:00:00 after 1 second.

so, I wonder if RTC operates correctly in a day. and I want to know how long RTC uses, such as 2 years, 4 years .....



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