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Legacy support, CY37000

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Hello, We are looking for a consultant who has been around long enough to have good basic experience with the CY37000 and its JTAG interface. We have legacy boards that we need to sort by compatibility/revision level. They have a single CY 37000 IC with JTAG port. We need to see if the logic is the same.
Thank you, KarlN.

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We have: ISR4.01 software
                  USBISR01 cable
                  CY37032P44-125AC chip
We have a pile of PCBs that may have different revisions based on what may be in the CPLD.
We need to sort this out.

a) Are trying to use this software to read the device. Is there a way we can we read without already having
     the (or a) .jed file?
b) We have a sample .jed that gives us "bad value for fuse bit, expected 0 or 1, got @" when we try to create the device chain.
     What is good/easy way to edit this .jed ?
c ) Is there other software we might try?
d) Are there consultants/consulting companies we might use?

We are making progress, but it is slow. We can use the help of someone who has been there.

Thanks, Karl


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Did you already create a "MyCase" and get help from technical support from Cypress?

To do so: on top of this page "Support&Community -> Technical Support -> Create a MyCase"



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I have the same issue, I have many PCBA that use CY37128P100-125AXC/AXI  CPLD.  Do you have a direct replacement

or next generation with the same foot print?

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