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Datasheet for CY14V101Q3-SFXI | Cypress Semiconductor

Datasheet for CY14V101Q3-SFXI

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I don't see a datasheet on this particular part #.  Is there another compatible datasheet I should use?  And what are the particulars on this part?  I know it's 16 pin SOIC and I believe it's SPI.  I think supply voltage is 2.5-3.6 VDC.  Past that, does it have an RTC?  What else might be unique as to this part?


Thank you.

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Hello Lxman,

Thanks for bringing up this issue. We have updated our website link and datasheet is available for download now.

Best Regards,

Shivendra Singh

nvSRAM Applications

Cypress Semiconductor


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I also  finding  it


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