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Proprietary Help

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For customers that cannot upload their project to get assistance, due to

proprietary nature of project, we at forum are telling them to file a CASE.


Is there a written policy that can be handed off to a customer on how Cypress

applications help via CASE assitance insures all data handled appropriatly, like

file erasure, etc. at end of asistance ?


Regards, Dana.

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Your request is a valid request and makes sesne.

From Cypress side, we actually ensure that customer projects are not shared with anyone else outside of cypress.

Also, if customers have their NDA process, then we sign the NDA with them before getting the projects from them.

But i dont have a letter as such right now to hand it over.

I will speak with our legal team and find out if something like this is feasible and update.




Applications Group Lead

PsoC Technical Support

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