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Development assistance

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I am currently working on a project and require development assistance with the USBFS component.  I have reviewed the list of contractors provided on the Cypress website and there many.  Instead of sending a request to each of the listed contractors that may be able to provide assistance, I'm hoping at least a number of them monitor the Cypress forums.

Overview of the requirement.  The project currently implements a USB device which implements a custom interface to a Windows PC using libusb.  It also implements an standard audio interface.  The requirement is to add another standard audio interface to the USB device.  It is easiest to understand the requirement when examining  the project.


The project is being developed on the CY8CKIT-059





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Hello Ron,

I think you are not getting response from design partners. 

I would like to suggest you to contact these guys, where they have expertise in USB,Audio etc:

Or you can send message to

as per the below link:



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