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CYFX3_SDK_1_3_3 Linux Version Issue.. | Cypress Semiconductor

CYFX3_SDK_1_3_3 Linux Version Issue..

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I have installed Cypress SDK linux version recently.

I am getting a warning if add a sample project to the sdk.

Invalid project path: Include path not found (/fw_lib/1_3_3/inc).    Cx3UvcOV5640        pathentry    Path Entry Problem

If i try to build here is the error

fatal error: cyu3system.h: No such file or directory    cycx3_uvc.c    /Cx3UvcOV5640    line 33    C/C++ Problem
make: *** [cycx3_uvc.o] Error 1    Cx3UvcOV5640             C/C++ Problem

You can find the screen shot attached..

Help to clear this...

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I think you want to ost this in the USB forum.


Regards, Dana.

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