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CY3280-MBR3 CapSense® MBR3 doubt | Cypress Semiconductor

CY3280-MBR3 CapSense® MBR3 doubt

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 Hey guys i am interfacing arduino board with capsense MBR3,I have found the example project and was just going through the explaination. I didn't understand as in I have to configure capsense kit using arduino over I2C so whats EZ click used for?Cant I configure the capsense MBR3 through EZ click  and then plug the sheild n to arduino?

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 MBR3 is a register configurable device via I2C interface.

The CY8CMBR3xxx configuration registers are configured via I2C interface using one of the following methods:

1. EZ-Click 2.0

2. Third-party Programmer

3. Host APIs

4. Bridge Control Panel

You were probably refering to the the Host API's.

Ez-Click is a graphical user interface (GUI) used to configure the CY8CMBR3xxx CapSense

controller. It takes all the required parameters, and configures the device via I2C interface from the host computer with appropriate connections.It is Windows® GUI-based tool has been improved to make development of capacitive user-interfaces extremely simple and quick without any firmware development.

Refer to section 5.2 of  MBR3 design guide

The below video gives you an introduction to the tool,

Also see Ez-click user guide for more details



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My task invovles as follows can anybody just  give me an idea as to how to go about:
if proximity detect--->disable proximity sensor and associated led on kit---->do some operation--->again enable proximity sensor
tried this piece of code(everything else works fine buttontouch is detected and proximity too is detected )
 Wire.beginTransmission(SLAVE_ADDR);transmit to device #0x37
I cant disable my proximity sensor   :( 


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