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Writing/Reading Data to/from FRAM (FM24V10-G) | Cypress Semiconductor

Writing/Reading Data to/from FRAM (FM24V10-G)

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I am extremely new to Cypress and have started using the CY8CKIT-042-BLE PIONEER KIT. It comes with PSoC4 and PRoC BLE. I was looking to store some data on the onboard 1MB F-RAM and retrieve it from there and so far haven't really gone anywhere with it. Are there any sample programs/code or tutorials showing the process of doing this from a programming point of view.

I am pretty much a beginner in this and any help will be much appreciated.

Thanks a lot in advance


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Hi Aviraj,

   We have the following resources to help you develop the PSoC code for F-RAM
   1. F-RAM Datalogging project on PSoC4 BLE Kit
   2. "CY15FRAMKIT-001 Example" under the F-RAM kit webpage
      There are four example projects. One of them is I2C F-RAM. This example project is developed on PSoC4 Pioneer kit (CY8CKIT-042) with 256Kbit I2C F-RAM.
   3. Application note "AN96578 - Designing with I2C F-RAM™"

Let me know if they help.


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