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Looking for Correct Chip

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Hello all,

I am looking to replace the SRAM chip in a GameBoy cartridge (Pokemon). I am looking at the FRAM and nvSRAM chips so there is no need for a battery (at least for the FRAM). It needs to be 256kbit, wide voltage and a 28-pin layout. Which chip should I be looking at? Currently, the main contender is: FM18W08-SG. What is the difference between SG and SGTR as suffixes? Also, which chips would have a real time clock built in for use in the later games which are designed to keep time?

Thank you very much!



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Hi Marksel,

You are right. FM18W08 is the only option available in the wide voltage range. Both SG and SGTR are same. SGTR says you will get them in a Tape & Reel package. 

We do not have a real time clock option with your specifications. But we do have in either 3V or 5V option and 48-pin package.

If you are considering serial memory for new design, then we have some  more RTC options in both serial (SPI/I2C) F-RAM and nvSRAM devices. 




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