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FRAM Radiation test data | Cypress Semiconductor

FRAM Radiation test data

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Do you have any test data available for radiation exposure and SEU/SEL on the FRAM parts? I'm specifically looking at FM22LD16 parts, but anything would be good. Looking to get confidence in these parts for a radiation harsh environment.




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I have attached a document which shows the test results of FRAM (in general) for susceptibility to external electromagnetic field and radiation. However, this doesn't give information about SER.

I hope this document is useful to you.


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Volatile memories, DRAM and SRAM, use a capacitor to store charge or a simple latch to store state. These cells can be upset by alpha particles, cosmic rays, heavy ions, gamma, x-rays, etc. which cause bits to flip to an opposite state to cause a soft error. Since the F-RAM cell stores the state as a PZT film(lead zirconate titanate ) polarization, a particle hit is very unlikely to cause the polarization to change a given cell’s state.

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