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FRAM - Behavior in A Magnetic Field | Cypress Semiconductor

FRAM - Behavior in A Magnetic Field

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I have an application where a FRAM will be subject to a strong Magnetic field.  I did find a document that discusses the behavior of an FRAM to radiation. Can you forward a document that discusses how a FRAM would be impacted by a strong Magnetic field?



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Hi Rich,

Cypress has published a whitepaper on F-RAM magnetic field immunity which compares Cypress's F-RAM and nvSRAM product magnetic field immunity against the MRAM memories.  These tests are done in our lab where we were able to create magnetic field of up to 3,700 Gauss and proved that Cypress's nonvolatile memories: F-RAM and nvSRAM do not fail while MRAM products start showing failure in a magnetic field strength about 1/20th of 3,700 G. Test was limited to at 3,700 G because this was the setup limitation not the Cypress's nonvolatile products limitation.  

You can find the attached whitepaper which provides details on "F-RAM, nvSRAM, and MRAM Magnetic Field Immunity". 

Whitepaper Link:

Best Regards,

Shivendra Singh

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Thank You Shivendra,  that is exactly what I was looking for! 




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