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CY14B101P-SFXI drivers for Linux? | Cypress Semiconductor

CY14B101P-SFXI drivers for Linux?

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I have an embedded microprocessor operating as an SPI master with its dedicated SPI bus. The micrprocessor will be running embedded Linux. Do you have a recommendation/example as to how I can write/obtain a kernel driver for the CY14B101P-SFXI or similar nonvolatile serial RAM part?

(I am not referring to configuring the SPI bus in Linux, but rather to write/obtain a driver for a nvSRAM part that makes use of the already existing SPI interface within the kernel.)


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Hi tims,

We don’t have any Linux kernel drivers for nvSRAM parts. There are few kernel drivers for serial (SPI) interface in internet like at25. Have you looked at them ?
We have nvsram example codes for PSoC readily available. Will that be of any help to you ?
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