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Code example for writing into S25FL127S | Cypress Semiconductor

Code example for writing into S25FL127S

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I'm looking for code examples on how to write into S25FL127S using the SPI interface. The supplied documentation verbally explains how the Page Programming mode or 1-byte modes should work but without practical working examples I'm afraid I'm missing something important. I'm trying to erase a page, store a byte in it, the read and print the byte. No matter what I do for the writing piece, the reader always comes back with an FF. I can read serial number successfully though.

Are there any practical and working examples on how to program for S25FL127S using the SPI bus?


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Hello Anna,

The Low Level Driver for SPI Flash available from on the software tab will provide you with example software. If you still have issues please raise a support case using the create a support case link on

Best Regards,



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