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Spansion FS FAT File System

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 i am  using spansion nand flash for pic 32 mz. I am using gpio pin of pin in order to generate the control signals.I needed to get Spansion
FS FAT File System with no OS scenerio.kindly send link in order to download the file system.


thanking you in advance


 with regards ajish

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Cypress Employee
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Hi Ajish,

We can provide the Spansion file system for our flash devices only through a customer support case. I have created customer support case (00301409) on behalf of you. We can have our further interactions regarding this query through the case. You will be receiving an email from this case shortly.

Thanks and Regards,


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We're currently using UFFS to connect an S34ML01G1 NAND Flash to an EFM32GG290 (ARM Cortex-M3) processor. I'm interested in replacing UFFS to overcome some limitations we're having with it. Seems like Spansion's FFS would be the natural choice. Can you set me up with a customer support case number as well so I can evaluate it?



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