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The broadest portfolio of NOR flash memories for embedded systems features the Highest-Performance HyperFlash and Quad SPI NOR flash memories delivering up to 333Mbp read bandwidth, with the industry...

357 Programming...
by banti17997_2719411
05 Sep 2017 12:54 AM PDT

Cypress NAND products complement the parallel and serial NOR offerings from Cypress for embedded applications. Cypress will apply its stringent process for qualification, testing, extended...

82 Cypress Nand 1...
by m.otto_3129966
01 Feb 2018 06:34 AM PST

Cypress HyperRAM™ memory is the first companion device to HyperFlash™ memory and the second device to operate on the 12-pin HyperBus™ Interface. With a read throughput up to 333 megabytes-per-second...

24 HyperBus IP
by Krishna GSNS
07 Aug 2017 04:27 AM PDT

Cypress e.MMC Managed NAND products are tailored for embedded platforms. The integrated controller on Cypress e.MMC products perform complex flash management, error correction and wear leveling to...

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Discussions on Ultra Low Power, Fast Asynchronous SRAMs and Models(Verilog, VHDL and IBIS)
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05 Jul 2017 04:19 AM PDT
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237 CY14B116N
by Krishna GSNS
05 Jul 2017 09:47 PM PDT
Discussions on Obsolete parts, Part Availability and Replacement part queries for Asynchronous, Synchronous, Non-Volatile SRAMs, Dual Ports and FIFOs
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by Krishna GSNS
15 May 2017 05:02 AM PDT
Discussions on Dual Ports, FIFOs and Models(Verilog, VHDL IBIS and BSDL)
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by Krishna GSNS
11 Apr 2017 04:05 AM PDT
Discussions on Standard Sync, NoBL, DDR, DDR II CIO, DDR II SIO, QDR, QDR II, QDR II+ SRAMs and Models(Verilog, VHDL, IBIS and BSDL)
317 Cross to...
by Krishna GSNS
14 Aug 2017 01:32 AM PDT